The Horn of Gamling

The horn of Gamling heralded the charge of the Rohirrim into the battle of Pelennor. The resolute warrior held his ground in the face of overwhelming doom. When his lord was killed by Mumakil, Gamling stood by his duty. The horn of Gamling has become the anthem for the Rohirrim’s resolute warriorry. The role of Gamling in the Lord of the Rings story is a central theme throughout the series, and he has been incorporated into many of the stories.

The character Gamling first appears in Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers trilogy. In the movies, Gamling is played by Bruce Hopkins. His name reflects his age as a blend of the two languages he grew up speaking. However, Gamling’s meaning has been preserved in modern Scandinavian languages. Although his role in the film is limited, his character represents the merging of several characters in the series. Hama and Elfhelm are both ancestors of Gamling.

After a brief period of war, Gamling’s role in the battle at Hornburg was decisive. He led the Men of the Westfold, and drove back an advance guard from Isengard. Gamling then pulled back the Men of the Westfold from Helm’s Dike and entered the stronghold. Gimli had warned Gamling of Orcs hiding in the trough below the wall. As the battle for the city of Hornburg intensified, Gamling took charge of the defenses.

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