Online Poker and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Online Poker

Online poker is a popular card game with an international following. The game has revolutionized the gambling industry by allowing players to gamble on a variety of games and bets from the comfort of their homes. While traditional casinos and brick-and-mortar betting shops are still popular, the internet has opened up new opportunities for players.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many casinos and other live gaming venues to close worldwide, resulting in a large increase in online poker traffic. This spike is believed to be the result of recreational and professional players who would normally play live poker opting for the convenience and accessibility of online platforms. In addition, the pandemic has also driven some seasoned online poker players to venture back into the live arena after a long hiatus.

There are numerous factors that could explain this surge, but one likely factor is the COVID-19 pandemic. With many live casinos and other venues closed, this has led to a dramatic jump in poker traffic for most operators.

Nevertheless, despite the recent surge in poker traffic, there have been some notable declines over the past month. Entain’s latest report shows that the number of new subscribers has been decreasing. The company’s CEO is not sure if this is indicative of trends in the poker industry, or due to internal factors.

A common question is whether there is a difference between playing online and live poker. The truth is that there are some differences, but the vast majority of players will experience similar gameplay in both environments. In fact, most professionals and semi-professionals will play both live and online poker on a regular basis. In the past, there was a stark distinction between “live pros” and “online pros,” with the former group preferring to play live poker and complaining that online poker wasn’t “real poker.” However, today there is much more overlap, and most top players play both types of games on a regular basis.

The most significant difference between live and online poker is that, with the exception of a few states (e.g., Nevada and New Jersey), most regulated poker sites are part of multi-state networks that allow players to compete against players from other regulated jurisdictions. This allows for much larger player pools and more lucrative advertising campaigns than would be possible with standalone sites operating in a single state.

Besides the larger player pools, another reason why online poker is more profitable than live is that players often choose to invest the money they win in their account rather than withdraw it. This can be an attractive option for many players who view their growing bankrolls as a source of pride and even as part of their identity as a poker player. In addition, many players are hesitant to withdraw their winnings from their accounts for fear of losing them. In these cases, the amount of money invested in a player’s account tends to grow faster than the total amount wagered.