Lord of the Rings: Gamling Statue


After the war, King Theoden summoned the Rohirrim to Helm’s Deep, a stone fortress in the White Mountains. King Theoden chose Gamling as his bodyguard and sent him with the king. Gamling rode with King Theoden, providing counsel for the troubled king. Gamling is not a fighter on the Deeping Wall or in the Glittering Caves, but fights by Theoden’s side at the gate. He wrestles the wounded Theoden to safety and tends to his wounds.

In the films, Gamling is a loyal page to King Theoden. He directs the construction of the defences at Hornburg and arms every available man prior to the battle. He is also the right-hand man of Theoden, who has the power to bind or kill a person. He is portrayed by Bruce Hopkins. The character possesses traits of Guthlaf, Hama, and Elfhelm, and is a good companion to Aragorn.

The statue of Gamling is made by Gary Hunt, a renowned artist who was part of the original Lord of the Rings crew. The statue of Gamling comes in a Limited Edition of 375 pieces, each of which is hand-painted. It is important to note that all Gamling statues are made by hand, so slight variations may occur. For more information, please visit Gamling’s page at Wikimedia Commons.

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