Hobbit Toys – Gamling

The name Gamling is derived from the Old English word “gamul”, which means “old” in some languages. The modern form of Gamling is pronounced as “Gam-ling”. For Scandinavian, Icelandic, and Norwegian speakers, the name means “the old”. This is perhaps why a person with the name Gamling often wears an armour helm and shield. In addition, his face resembles that of the elf Hama.


A long time ago, Gamling was a leader of the watchers in Helms Deep. He was also a hero of the Uruk-hai siege. In the films, he serves as the guard of King Theoden. The Gamling model is one of GW’s best models. His sculpt and pose are stunning. This is one of the most popular Hobbit characters. There are numerous reasons why Gamling is such a popular figure.

He is most famous for his role as King Theoden’s main captain during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. In the movie, he is a strong leader, directing the construction of the Hornburg’s defences and arming all of the Rohirrim before the battle. In the book, Gamling serves as a page for Theoden and is killed by elven dwarves.

He is the commander of the Helm’s Dike, which connects the towns of Helm’s Deep and Deeping-coomb. Along with Erkenbrand, Gamling is also the commanding officer of the fortification. The Dike was left with about 1,000 men, including Gamling’s grandson. However, the Dike is not completely secure, and Gandalf’s army eventually destroys it. In addition to being the commander, Gamling serves as a page to Theoden and directs the army’s preparations.

During the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Gamling serves as the King’s right-hand man. He orders the construction of the Hornburg’s defences and arms all of the men in the town before the battle. In The Return of the King, Gamling also fights against Oliphaunt, but he is not killed himself. As a result, the two men are forced to flee the area.

In Peter Jackson’s film version of The Lord of the Rings, Gamling serves as the King’s bodyguard. He carries a sword and directs the construction of the Hornburg defences. He is the King’s page and helps him arm his men before the battle. Theoden and Hama are mortal enemies. Theoden kills Hama, but it doesn’t prevent Theoden from advancing.

As a messenger for the king, Gamling is an important character in The Return of the King. He welcomes Theoden to Helm’s Deep, where he fights alongside Eomer and Gimli. He rides with King Theoden to Minas Tirith. His long white hair makes him a perfect companion for the king. This character has many roles in The Lord of the Rings. While he is the messenger for the ring, he also has a supporting role in The Lord of the Rings video game.