Gamling – What is the Meaning of the Name Gamling?

The name Gamling comes from the Old English “gamol”. The modernized version of the name is “Gamling.” For speakers of Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Scandinavian, the name Gamling means “the old.”

Theoden and Gamling ride out to meet the Uruk-hai, with Gamling carrying the king’s banner. Theoden and Gamling engage in a battle at the fortress, where they kill many of the Uruk-hai and break their morale. They then drive the Uruk-hai from the fortress. Theoden and Gamling then return to the Forgotten City to defeat the evil Morgoth.

The Return of the King depicts Gamling as the main captain of Rohan during the Battle of Pelennor Fields. The king’s banner is carried by Gamling, replacing Elfhelm. He also replaces Guthlaf, the banner-bearer. In the book and film, Gamling is reprimanded by Theoden, who later kills him. In the book, Gamling serves as a commander in the army of Rohan. He leads part of his army to stand behind the King’s banner and fire arrows at the elves’ eyes.

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