Gamling – The Lord of the Rings Character

Gamling is a fictional character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The character is a mixture of Guthlaf and Hama, a king of Elfheim. He served as a bodyguard to the Rohirrim during the Battle of Pelennor. In the book, Gamling stands firm against overwhelming doom. He stands guard at the gate and wrestles the wounded Theoden to safety. This character is also the one responsible for Theoden’s death.

During the Siege of Pelennor Fields, Gamling is one of the main characters, accompanied by King Theoden. He carries out various tasks such as building the defences at Hornburg and arming every available man before the battle. This character is portrayed by Bernard Hill. In the movies, Gamling also serves as the main lieutenant of King Theoden. However, unlike in the book, Gamling does not play a major role in the defenses of the Glittering Caves, as he rides out with the other defenders towards the main Orc army.

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