Gamling – The Heroic Middle Earth Warrior


The name Gamling is derived from the Old English word “gamol”, which means “the old” in Scandinavian, Norwegian, and Icelandic languages. In the Peter Jackson films, Gamling was played by Bruce Hopkins. The character was a mash-up of several characters, including Guthlaf, Elfhelm, and Hama. It is also used in Middle Earth legends. If you’d like to know more about the history of Gamling, read on.

The Rohirrim are a group of brave warriors, and Gamling was one of their number. His horn was heard in the battle of Pelennor, heralding the Rohirrim charge. At the battle of Pelennor, Gamling stood firm against overwhelming doom, even when he and his fellow Rohirrim faced the savages Mumakil. When Mumakil and his army were charged, Gamling still held his ground, and even fought the lord.

The Uruk-hai attacked the Hornburg dike and the Men of the Westfold, but Gamling commanded the defence and retreat, and even his grandson joined the battle. On March 3, 3019, King Theoden of Rohan arrives at Helm’s Deep. Gamling leads the Men of the Westfold into a charge on the Hornburg stronghold. As the Orcs neared, Gamling led the Men of the Westfold into the trough below the walls and destroyed the Uruk-hai.

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