Gamling – The Elder Rohirrim Captain


Gamling was a Dunland man and was well versed in the language. He served under Erkenbrand and was stationed at Helm’s Dike, where the Orcs were hiding in a trough beneath the walls. After Edoras and King Theoden arrived in March 3019, Gamling recalled his forces to Hornburg and requested Gimli’s assistance in blocking the Deeping wall faults.

The name “Gamling” is derived from the Old English word “gamol.” In its original form, the name Gamling meant “old.” For speakers of Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Scandinavian languages, Gamling means “old.”

The elder captain of the Rohirrim, Gamling was an influential advisor to King Theoden. On battlefields, he carries the Royal Standard. He often rides with Theoden. Although his role is not as prominent as that of the other captains, Gamling is the most important and influential of the Rohirrim. This is not to say that Gamling is the best-known Rohirrim, but his character is well-known.

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