Gamling in the Lord of the Rings


Gamling is a character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He is the nephew of Theoden, the leader of the Rohirrim. He is also the messenger who goes to Dunharrow to meet Aragorn. On the way, Gamling carries the king’s banner. Later, Gandalf and Eomer arrive with a huge force of reinforcements, breaking the Uruk-hai’s morale and driving them from the fortress.

Gamling was first portrayed by Peter Jackson in The Two Towers, then by Bruce Hopkins in The Return of the King. His name translates to “old” in several languages. For example, Gamling’s name means “older,” in Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic. Despite the fact that the name is modernized, it still has an old-fashioned ring to it.

Gamling is a member of the Rohirrim, and is loyal to the king. He serves as the king’s main lieutenant and bodyguard. He plays a major role in the defenses of Helm’s Deep. However, he is not responsible for the opening of the Glittering Caves, and instead rides out with the rest of the defenders to meet the main Orc army.

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