Gamling – Elven Name Information

In the Peter Jackson film The Two Towers, Gamling is the primary bodyguard for Theoden. He wears armour and offers counsel to the troubled King, despite his lack of a title. Though not a character in the books, he is a mainstay in the films. His first appearance is in Meduseld, where he serves as the door warden’s second in command. He carries a sword and is killed by Theoden during the battle.


In the films, Gamling serves as the main captain of the Rohan army during the Battle of Pelennor Fields. He also commands the arming of the Rohirrim and the construction of Hornburg’s defences. In the book and film, Gamling is seen as the banner-bearer. He also fights alongside the Rohirrim at the gate, and is killed by the elven dwarves.

The name of the Gamling was derived from the Old English word “gamol”, which was shortened to “gamling”. In other languages, the name is pronounced as gam-l-li-ling. It also means “the old” in Icelandic, Danish, and Scandinavian. This is a great advantage in naming your child after an elven deity. It also makes it easier to remember, as it has a similar pronunciation to the first name.

While he was a subordinate to Hama, the two men had a very close relationship. In fact, Hama prevents Gamling from intervening in the brawl between Aragorn and Samwise, and the two are destined to become close friends. Meanwhile, Gamling is assigned to the king’s guards and has a special relationship with King Theoden. The King is worried about the preparations for the army, and he asks Gamling for advice.

The character was a subordinate of Hama, the elf who is in charge of Hama’s house. He also had a very close relationship with Hama, which was evident when he was first introduced in the movie. The role of Gamling was similar to that of Hama in the book. He was the first to notice that the Orcs had penetrated the wall of Helm’s Deep, and he immediately repelled them. In addition to the fighting on the wall of Hornburg, he helped Theoden’s host to retreat into the Glittering Caves. After the battle, he was able to survive the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

In The Lord of the Rings, Gamling is portrayed by Bruce Hopkins and Peter Jackson. His character is an amalgamation of Hama and Guthlaf. He first appears in the film as a close companion to Hama. When Aragorn and the Fellowship of the Rings travel to Moria, Hama is unable to prevent the arrival of Gamling, as he knows the plan of Gandalf.

The role of Gamling was based on the book. In The Return of the King, he is the king’s commander. In The Two Towers, he is called Gamling the Old, which means “old man” in Old English. In the Scandinavian language, Gamling also means “old man”. This makes Gamling a versatile character in the game. He is very adept at speaking Dunland’s language and was a valuable resource for the Rohirrim.