Gamling – A Gambling Character From The Lord of the Rings Series


Gamling is a character in the Lord of the Rings series. The character is portrayed by Bruce Hopkins in the films, and he is an amalgamation of several characters. In the books, Gamling was a permanent garrison captain in Helm’s Deep. He probably answered to Theodred before his death, and to Erkenbrand afterward. In the films, Gamling first appears as second-in-command to Hama, the door warden, and replaces Deorwine.

Gamling may also have served as King Theoden’s bodyguard. He accompanied Theoden into battle and helped him heal his wounds. In the movies, he also serves as Aragorn’s page, and offers him counsel as he deals with the troubled king’s troubles. He is also a major player in the defense of Helm’s Deep, but does not assist in the entrance of the Glittering Caves. Gamling’s role is more significant than a mere page.

Gamling is one of the most popular characters in the Lord of the Rings series. He is portrayed as a strong, bold and charismatic character. He is also capable of being a good soldier. His strength and stamina can help him succeed in combat. Moreover, his keen eye for detail makes him a good choice for any role in the series.

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