Gamling is a character in The Lord of the Rings. In the first two parts of the trilogy, Gamling is Theoden’s chief bodyguard. He helps the king dress in armour and gives counsel to the troubled king. In the third part, he serves as the king’s commander and leads a part of his army to stand behind the King’s banner. However, in The Return of the King, Gamling is killed by Theoden.

In Peter Jackson’s trilogy, Gamling is a character from The Two Towers. He is portrayed by Bruce Hopkins, who played the character. His name is a fusion of the Old English name “gamol.” According to the Dictionary of English, the word “gamling” means “old” in Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Scandinavian. The character was originally a member of Hama’s household. However, his name was changed to Gamling because he was a member of The Fellowship of the Ring.

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Theoden’s messenger to the Rohirrim, Gamling is a resolute warrior who was known for his skill at war. During the Battle of Pelennor, Gamling’s horn signalled the arrival of the Rohirrim. He resisted overwhelming doom, holding firm to duty even when the Orcs charged. After the battle, Gamling commanded the Men of the Westfold and drove the Orcs from the Deeping Wall.

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